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wwfm Umbrellas geocaching flash mob

Flash Mobs are fun, often large public gatherings at which people show up out of nowhere, perform an unusual or seemingly random act and then quickly disperse. They are typically organized by means of the Internet or social media.

The WWFM (or World Wide Flash Mob) is the annual GEOCACHING flash mob extravaganza which was started in 2007 by Team PodCacher. You can read more of the WWFM history at the Official WWFM website:

wwfm Lancaster PA geocaching flash mob

From the modest beginning in 2007 with 20 events and about 1000 participants, the WWFM has exploded in popularity with as many as 792 events in 52 countries with a top total attendance of over 27,000 geocachers. Through all the years of WWFM, geocachers in 80 countries have joined in the fun.

wwfm Reflector Vests geocaching flash mob

As we prepare for WWFM XIII to be held on JUNE 4, 2016, we wanted to share some ideas for fun things to do at your WWFM event. These have all been featured at prior geocaching WWFM events.

  1. Bring paper and have everyone make a paper airplane, then fly them for fun or prizes
  2. Form a kazoo band, practice a short song, then perform it at a busy public place
  3. Have a water gun / water balloon fight on a hot summer day
  4. Blow bubbles off a bridge
  5. Have a dress-up theme: Star Wars, Beach Day, Sports Team, the color PURPLE
  6. Show up in a public place and do something strange: sing a song, talk on banana phones, do a phoon pose, play with silly string
  7. Bring newspapers and have everyone construct a hat for fun or prizes
  8. Have everyone show up in reflector vests with clipboards and walk around examining or measuring everything
  9. Walk around a city area with umbrellas up on a sunny day
  10. Show up at a popular tourist spot and give away free cookies or candy

More WWFM event ideas can be found in Part 2 of this series. Start making your plans for June 4th and be a part of the Geocaching WWFM!

wwfm Airplanes 6-8-12 B geocaching flash mob

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