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If you don’t know about Flash Mobs or you’re not familiar with the Geocaching WWFM (World Wide Flash Mob), then be sure to read our first post, 10 Fun Ideas for a Geocaching Flash Mob (part 1).

In a nutshell, the WWFM is the annual GEOCACHING flash mob extravaganza which was started in 2007 by Team PodCacher. You can read more of the WWFM history at the Official WWFM website:


As we prepare for WWFM XIII to be held on JUNE 4, 2016, we wanted to share some ideas for fun things to do at your WWFM event. These have all been featured at prior geocaching WWFM events. (Remember, don’t miss the first 10 ideas! and the second 10 ideas!)

  1. Have a pillow fight (be sure to pick up any feathers left behind!!)
  2. Have people wear one of the 4 geocaching logo colors and attempt to form the logo
  3. Have a fake sword fight in the middle of a town square (with toy swords)
  4. Make and wear Signal the Frog masks; walk around and say “ribitt” to people
  5. Have a Frisbee game in a public space
  6. Show up in Hockey gear and pretend to play a game
  7. Everyone wear a funny / unique hat
  8. Have a prom theme where everyone dresses up; you can even vote for “king” and “queen”
  9. Do the chicken dance up and down a public street
  10. Show up at a mall food court and walk around talking on banana phones

More WWFM event ideas will be featured in future blog posts. Start making your plans for June 4, 2016 and be a part of the Geocaching WWFM!

WWFM Banana phones


Signal Masks




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