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This is a quick summary of the GeoWoodstock 14 abdomen pain incident.

Episode 1

While at GeoWoodstock in Colorado, at about 1:30 PM, my abdomen / stomach began to hurt a little bit. At 2:30, we had an event at our booth at which time I was already starting to feel pretty crummy. I’ve felt uncomfortable before (hot, tired, etc.) but I’ve pushed through discomfort many times before, so “on with the show”!

After our event, I was really starting to feel bad.


Throughout the day, I had been drinking water, ate food, and was mostly in the shade during the day. Some thought it might have been altitude sickness, but that’s quite doubtful. No lightheadedness, no headache, no nausea. I’m relatively fit, and hardly ever have stomach aches, so this was odd. My first thought was food poisoning but I don’t think so. Sandy had the exact same meal that I had and suffered no ill effects.

The pain in my abdomen continued to get worse, pretty intense, to the point where I was feeling a bit faint and sweating a whole lot. I kept trying to muscle through it, deal with it and was hoping it would fade away. It didn’t it kept getting worse. I knew Sandy was concerned, and after it reached a certain point I said that I think I needed help.

Sandy went to seek help and some medics were sent over to assess me. My body temp was low and I was sweating quite a bit. The pain in my abdomen was pretty intense by the time I was in the ambulance. Eventually they administered a morphine like painkiller via IV and that helped quite a bit. My abdomen has never hurt that badly before.

The geocaching community came around us and supported us quite a bit. They helped Sandy tear down the booth, load up the car and take care of Sean as well. SO many people were SO helpful. We had many offers for help.

I was taken to a local ER where more assessments were made. Tests were run but nothing conclusive was found. Still a mystery at this point. This is a bit troubling as they weren’t able to identify what caused the intense abdominal pain.

Eventually I felt good enough to have dinner and was discharged later in the evening.

As of now, I’m feeling pretty good and ready to get going. Just a slight hint of abdominal pain.

I plan to follow up with my doctor when I get home.

We very much appreciate all the comments and prayers that we received.

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