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Two Emergency Room Visits in 2 Days

This is an update, Episode 2. If you missed Episode 1, check that out first.

Within 10 minutes of posting Episode 1 this morning, my abdomen started to feel like the way it did yesterday.

One difference, this time, was how quickly it accelerated into excruciating pain. In less than 15 minutes, I was doubled over with intense pain, trembling and sweating profusely.

The 2nd ER in 2 days

The 2nd ER in 2 days

The pain was pretty bad, I knew we needed to get to a hospital. Sandy and Sean left to take a load of luggage down to the car. While they were gone, the pain got to a point, I thought I might pass out. Dripping with sweat, I fished out my cell phone and was just about ready to dial 911 when I heard Sandy coming through the door. I immediately told her to call 911 and get an ambulance. I was hoping they could knock the pain down with some medication.

The transport to the ER was all to familiar. All the same questions while trying to get an IV into me. The problem (always) with that is, I’m a “hard stick”, VERY difficult to get a needle / IV into a vein on me. Always has been. Some paramedics / nurses are surprised at how hard it is to get a “good stick” with me. From my end, it’s VERY VERY annoying. It’s poke, poke, poke with a needle, often coming up short.

This time they had to deliver the fentanyl (pain killer) via a nasal spray (not fun). A nasal delivery takes longer for the drug to take effect (and kill the pain) than an IV, so I just had to grit my teeth and sweat until it took effect.

Once in the ER, the typical assessments, blood work, etc. and after about 45 minutes the pain finally subsided.

This time, I was given a CT scan which revealed a lot. Here’s what they found: Nothing. It’s amazing how much a CT scan shows. From it, I learned they could see that there were no problems with my pancreas, no gallbladder problem, no kidney stones, no twists in the intestines, no diverticulitis, no obstruction, no perforation, no internal hernia, no blood flow issue, no appendicitis, no cancer masses, no nothing.

The Dr. still doesn’t know what it could be. Maybe stomach acid, maybe an ulcer. It may take an endoscopy to take a look at what’s going on down there. They discharged me with some prescription meds for pain and acid blocking to see if that makes a difference.

I’m not sure what it is, but I’m hoping I don’t have to go through another episode. Those have been some of the most painful events I’ve experienced.

Thanks again for your prayers and thoughts.

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