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Major Announcement about Virtual Geocaches

SO, as you might already know if you have your eye on social media, Geocaching HQ dropped a major bomb of an announcement today (August 24, 2017), with it’s release of a new project called “Virtual Rewards“. They say it’s a way to reward “some of geocaching’s great contributors” while allowing a few (about 4000) new virtual geocaches for all of us to enjoy.

Geocaching HQ used a secret algorithm to identify the top 1% of quality cache hiders based on overall cache quality and health. Active community volunteers also got one as a thank-you. Those selected will be able to submit a new Virtual Cache within the next year. It will have the same icon as current (grand-fathered) Virtual Caches.

There’s been quite a buzz on social media about this announcement. Most of what we have seen is generally positive, but there are also questions and concerns about the algorithm used, and how it might make cache hiders feel if they were not selected.

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Original Geocaching HQ post can be found here.

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