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This is going to be a VERY SUCCINCT summary of our recent trip to Colorado to bring everyone up to speed.

As you might know, listeners and vendors supported our trip and got us out to Colorado.


Our main goals and functions were to visit Colorado, promote certain things and bring back media (audio, video and photos) to share from our experiences. A GeoTour and GeoWoodstock (Geocaching Event) were 2 of the primary events we expected to cover.

We were able to cover many events and locations. We will be posting details from this coverage soon.

On one day out, Sean got sick. Vomiting, coughing, temperature and chills. This lasted one day and he has bounced back.

At the end of the GeoWoodstock day (July 3rd), Sonny had intense pain in his upper abdomen (upper stomach area) and an ambulance transported him to the ER. He was evaluated there but they could find nothing and he was discharged. Here’s more detail from that incident:


The next day, the excruciating abdominal pain returned and Sonny was again transported by ambulance to another ER. Again they found nothing. Here’s more detail from the 2nd incident:

On July 5th, we flew back home to San Diego. The next morning we woke up and Sonny had a very painful gout attack in his right toe. That day we visited the doctor, and ran several tests.

Concerned friends and family have speculated that the abdominal pain causes could be: gallbladder related, kidney related, appendicitis, ulcers, pancreatitis, gastritis, food allergies, diverticulitis, altitude sickness, heat stroke, allergies, lyme disease and dehydration as well as other possibilities. Recommendations were made to have certain tests run.

At this time, after all of the exams and tests that have been done, they have not been able to find any cause of the abdominal pain.

Sonny is currently on acid blocking medication and has pain meds in case of another abdominal episode. He is also taking medication for gout. Gout has woken Sonny up every night since we’ve returned with excruciating pain.

An ultrasound exam is scheduled in 2 weeks (July 20) to gain more information about the abdominal pain.

Thanks for all the support, prayers, kind thoughts and concern for us!

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