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How many times have you rummaged through your backpack for the thingamajig only to find that you left it at home?  How many times was it at the bottom of your backpack under a pile of other things and you didn’t see it?  I get it…your geocaching backpack is a bit disorganized, but there is another option. No more backpacks!!!

SCOTTEVEST is a revolutionary company that features multi-pocketed clothing designs for men and women.  SCOTTEVEST clothing has up to 37 different pockets stylishly hidden inside the garment.  That’s right!  You could carry up to 37 different tools with you on your next geocaching adventure.  No more searching through that bulky backpack because everything you need would be neatly organized.  You get the functionality of a backpack all within your pants, jacket or vest.  You could carry your GPS, swag, magnet, cell phone, iPad, plastic baggies, a knife, a headlamp, a camera, utility tool, a log roller, tweezers, gloves, bandaids and so much more.

Right now, SCOTTEVEST is hosting The Most Extreme Geocaching Contest.  Enter to win a free SCOTTEVEST Travel Vest, the Ultimate Cargo Pants, or the Margaux Cargaux Pants by detailing your most extreme or favorite geocache adventure.  List the tools you would take with you in your new SCOTTEVEST garment and receive 20% your first order when you use the promocode GEOCACHE20.  Check out all of SCOTTEVEST’s designs and apparel at

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