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This time of year people are bursting with optimism and New Year’s Resolutions. Everyone is determined to start off the New Year in a positive way. A recent article at listed the most popular New Year’s Resolutions, based on Google search data related to self-improvement compiled by iQuanti for most of 2016. Looking at the list, it’s easy to see how GEOCACHING can help you keep New Years Resolutions, no matter what they are! Aren’t familiar with Geocaching yet? Let’s jump right into the first Resolution!

Learn New Hobbies:

This one is easy. Geocaching is the best new hobby for you to learn this year! Geocaching is an entertaining real-world game that could be considered Treasure Hunting in the 21st Century. It is a simple, fun, family friendly game that anyone can play! Geocache containers are hidden all over the world with their locations recorded (in latitude and longitude), and published on a website (the most popular is Using these coordinates and a GPS unit or a smart phone app, you can try and find a hidden geocache.

When you find a geocache container, you sign the logbook inside. If there are any trinkets, you can take an item, as long as you leave something (of equal or greater value) in it’s place. You put the geocache back where you found it for the next player to find. Finally you can log your find online (via the smartphone app or when you get back to your computer).

Geocaching is simple for beginners but it also has depth and complexity that keep people entertained and involved for years. There are puzzles to solve, educational geocaches that teach about geology (earthcaches), challenges to attempt, events to attend and meet other participants, etc. You can learn more by listening to PodCacher, the weekly podcast all about Geocaching!

Get Healthy:

Geocaching will get you off the couch and out into the great outdoors. Isn’t that a good start toward getting healthy and fit? We’ve heard so many stories of geocachers who have used this hobby to lose weight, lower blood pressure, improve fitness and more. Whether you are taking a short walk to a nearby park or heading out on a 10 mile hike, all those steps will add up to better health over time. Here are just a few links to articles that discuss Geocaching and Health. (NOTE: Your results may vary. Always talk to your Doctor before starting any fitness program).

Get Organized:

Geocaching to get OrganizedFor the die-hard geocacher, there are many statistics to track and challenges to attempt. You may try to find a geocache on every day of the calendar year. You might endeavor to find a geocache with every possible difficulty and terrain rating. Your goal could be to hide a certain number of every type of geocache. All of these goals and challenges add depth, competition and fun to the basic game of geocaching. They also require you to get organized! You need to track your stats and plan your geocaching trips to make the most of your time. Geocaching can definitely help you if your resolution is to get organized in 2017.

Live Life to the Fullest:

Geocaching WWFM South AfricaGeocaching has enriched our lives in numerous ways. From the amazing community of people we have gotten to know, to the fun we’ve had as a family. From the physical health benefits to the mentally-stretching puzzle challenges. Our travels have been enhanced by geocaching everywhere we have gone.

Geocaching appeals to a broad range of ages. Young families take their small children out on geocaching adventures all the time. Older retired people are some of the most avid geocachers we know!  There is no age limit, no age requirement. Geocaching is something you can do for your entire life.

Read here about how Geocaching is a GIFT that keeps on giving.

NOTE: If you’re curious about the above photo, it was taken at a WWFM (World Wide Flash Mob) geocaching event and you can find out more information at

Spend Less/Save More:

Geocaching is free, or at least cheap! If you already have a smartphone, the apps are free or very inexpensive. You don’t even need to buy a GPSr. It’s also free to sign up for a basic account at (And a Premium account which gets you a bunch of cool and useful features is only about $30 per year!) You may spend some money on gas or eating out or maybe a new pair of hiking boots – but geocaching will not drain your wallet on an ongoing basis as some hobbies do. Well, there’s one caveat. The NEXT resolution might take a bit more of your cash, but hey – you’ve got to pick and choose which resolution is more important to you!


Geocaching Travel

Did I mention that Geocaches are hidden all around the world? On every continent. In almost every country. Probably in every country you would ever visit. Once you get the geocaching bug, you’ll start planning your vacations around the best places to go geocaching. You’ll start tracking and bragging about the number of states, provinces and countries in which you’ve found a geocache. It’s addictive, believe me. We’ve found geocaches in 11 countries including Norway, France, Costa Rica, The Netherlands and Kazakhstan! The world is waiting – geocaching will definitely encourage you to travel more!

Final Thoughts

So there you go. The top 6 New Years Resolutions for 2017 and how Geocaching can help you keep them! As you can tell, we love geocaching and think that it can benefit anyone and everyone! Get started today and find out how GEOCACHING can help you keep New Years Resolutions and so much more. And don’t forget. This website (PodCacher) and weekly podcast can help you get started and fuel your geocaching adventures with entertainment, inspiration and helpful information. Drop a comment below if you have any questions.

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