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There’s something Special about you…You Were Born to Geocache!

There’s something universally appealing about geocaching. It’s in our DNA. Seriously.

Studies have shown that unlike Neanderthals, Homo Sapiens have always been adventurers and explorers. Evidence shows that once Neanderthals were in a situation that was comfortable, they stayed there and ventured no further. Neanderthals would travel and roam, but they’d stop and settle if they reached a big challenge like a coast or a mountain range.

Not so for Homo Sapiens.

In what would seem like idiotic thinking, Homo Sapiens would run into the same challenges and think “Ya, BUT we should go check it out and see what is over there. WHAT IF there’s something cool over there?”

Homo Sapiens found Hawaii with simple boats just to see what was out there. Neanderthals didn’t do that. Notice Neanderthals are not here anymore. What is here is us, Homo Sapiens, direct descendants of those adventurous explorers.

We are genetically designed to be explorers and adventurers. We seek what is hidden and the curiosity to find things is laced in our DNA! It’s no wonder that Geocaching is so appealing to us!

We love to unravel puzzles, solve riddles, go on adventures and seek what is not always easy to find.


Get out there, find some caches and live out your heritage and destiny!

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